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The French version of our Website site should be consulted for documentation on the Financial Assistance Program. You can contact us for information by phone.

We invite you first  to take note of the new Regulation respecting warning and mobilization procedures and minimum rescue services required for the protection of persons and property in the event of a disaster, which will come into force on November 9, 2019.

In order to benefit from the Agency’s financial assistance program, the Municipal Self-Diagnostic Tool of the Department of Public Security must be completed beforehand on general disaster preparedness. This document must not be sent to the Agency once completed. Il you need help to complete it, please contact your Regional Office of Public Security and Fire Safety (Ministry of Public Safety).

For information

– About the content of the financial assistance program:

Agence municipale 9-1-1 du Québec (Québec 9-1-1 Municipal Agency)
300 – 2954 Laurier Boulevard, Québec City, Québec G1V 4T2
Phone: 418 653-3911, ext. 221 or toll free, 1-888-653-3911

– About the new Regulation or the tools and documents for municipalities provided by the Ministère de la Sécurité publique du Québec (Public Safety of Québec):

Contact your Regional Office of Civil Security and Fire Safety . Some of their documents can be obtained in English from them upon request.